As qualified Biokineticists, we aim to assist with rehabilitation that is individually curated to your specific needs - from amateur to professional sporting codes, sedentary to highly active individuals, young to old - we can help you.



We specialize in the following

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Chronic Rehabilitation

Geriatric Wellness

Neurological Rehabilitation

Health and Fitness Assessments

Sports Conditioning


Meet the team
Quinten Potgieter

My name is Quinten Potgieter, born and bred in George in the Western Cape. It's here where I developed my love for a variety of sports including; rugby, hockey, cricket, water polo, lifesaving and rowing....

Danielle Pike

Hi, my name is Danielle Pike. I completed my studies at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth and was fortunate enough to perform my internship year at their Biokinetics and Sport Science Unit...

Tyra-Lee Van Niekerk
My name is Tyra-lee van Niekerk born and educated in Port Elizabeth. I hold an honours degree in Biokinetics and am currently in the process of completing my master’s degree, focusing on the more perceptual aspects of motor control and learning.
Lize Burger
My name is Lize Burger, born Gautenger, however also qualify as a local since we moved to George in 2007. I studied Beauty Therapy but decided it was not for me.


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